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Board Of Trustees

Aletha R. Davis


DREAMS do come true … Ms. Aletha R Davis 25 years ago in the basement office vowed one day she would own a human service business with the sole purpose of creating change within the system. Over the years she has held a variety of human service jobs such as corrections, hospice, acute case management & federal funded projects. Along the way & never letting her dreams die; she named her company in 2011.


She found herself providing services to individuals and their families outside of her typical work hours. Realizing at the end of every long day, good, bad, or challenging situations, if you put Love FIRST everything works out. Six years of working for others while nurturing her Love 1st dream part-time; finally, with divine intervention came to the opportunity to purchase the AC Moody House.  She was able to secure a place for Love 1st, LLC to call home.  Her experience with human service work, love for the special needs population and determination to provide outstanding upscale services creates excitement about the future of Love 1st, LLC. We are a DD/ID Wavier group home & Medicare & Medicaid transportation services.


The future vision is adding other services such as day placement inthe least restrictive environment while giving our individuals the dignity & respect along the way.  Our ultimate goal is to empower our individuals to always Live, Learn & Grow.

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Maya Hector

Vice Chair

Maya born 1971 is an accomplished public health advocate, and community health volunteer who believes in serving her community.  Lives in North Carolina with her daughter. Volunteers at Washington Outreach Ministries food pantry.  Loves her two dogs Carter and Zeus Professional Grant Writer of 10 years. 


Named one of The Top Morrison Healthcare professionals for 2010.  Graduated 2006 Gardner-Webb University, 2012 Walden University, Doctoral candidate. She believes that, " I will not allow my life's light to be determined by the darkness around me." Sojourner Truth.

Major Milestones


  • Presented to 500 hospital

  • Administration delegates on compassionate care for the 2009 Planetree Conference county as part of her program project. These gardens are still active today. 


  • She implemented 3 community gardens in Gaston

  • She assisted over 1 million NC citizens in obtaining the Covid vaccine under the direction of NCDHHS. with over 8 counties and 25 community health workers.

Charles Clark


Charles Clark has made a name for himself He is an individual that connects with the African American Christian male experience as a man, mentor, information distributor, and life coach. Mr. Clark is committed to doing his part to raise awareness to causes that matter to him and others who are a part of the African American community.


As founder of Nebo Media Group, home of Brotha Magazine, Charles employs multiple layers of media to create a dialogue among his constituents. Brotha Magazine specifically targets the African American male committed to a Christian lifestyle and is intended as an empowerment tool to comprehensively address, without restrictions, complex issues providing resources to resolve many of life's challenges. In 2022 Brotha Magazine celebrated its 13th Anniversary of publication reaching global audiences.


In May 2016, Charles became co-owner of The Star Radio, a 24-hour Internet gospel radio station ( which is the home of Brotha Live (dealing with topics concerning black men), The Daily Mix Show, (pop culture politics, current events, arts, and entertainment), Jazz Sessions (music), and RoundTable Consult with Dr. Mark Williams and more.


Currently, Charles is working on his first book. Charles Clark is more than an African American male owning several communication resources; he is a man dedicated to his mission and purpose to educate and enlighten us with conversations that lead to positive action for change.

Kelly Joyner

Has stepped out of the shadows of fear and flaws and into a FANTABULOUS LIFE! According to Kelly, everyone has a God given purpose and her mission is to help others unearth their purpose, protect their promise, and perform their plan! Kelly Janine Joyner is a Certified Christian Counselor and Life Coach as well as a Real Estate Broker/Developer. She received her BA in Theology from Richmond Virginia Seminary in Richmond, VA.
With over a decade of experience in public speaking, community outreach and coaching, Kelly is currently taking her gifts to the next level and developing affordable housing in the Fayetteville NC area. She is also a three-time published author. 


Willie A. Cornelius 

Buffalo’s Concern for Youth—was founded as a direct result of a vision, founder and Chief Executive Officer Willie Cornelius conceived. Mr. Cornelius’ work with K.I.S. Sports, children-at-risk, and in addition to students with learning difficulties. BC4Y provides a rich and applicable atmosphere for his work, as founder and leader of Buffalo’s Concern for Youth (formerly KIS Sports) and its services, he acknowledges this exposure led him professionally to establish this innovative agency.

BC4Y uses a relaxed approach to institute learning skills from which clients are encouraged to “learn in leisure”. Learning from and giving to one another. BC4Y throughout Salisbury, NC and Rowan County are caring for, and empowering the underserved, overly stressed, and overwhelmed populous issues. We include informational/hands-on training, to enhance how our staff may best work with the students/families they serve.

Mr. Cornelius acknowledges that during his career in both the private and public sectors, adding non-profit organizations, where he witnessed a need, not filled by conventional organizations. Afterwards, his vision came into fruition.

His experience and placement in this arena was no accident. However, “Purpose Driven.” He proclaims a great belief in how God influenced his mainstream thinking concerning community activism, mental health, and education that bound him throughout his early career.

We pray that you will join us as we set out on this journey toward finding strength, though hope and learning.

Coming soon! BC4Y Level 3 Family Care Home.


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